**He is 'Reproductor Calificado' and 'Reproductor Mejorante'. His parents are 'Reproductores Calificados' and his grandpa is 'Reproductor Calificado' and 'Reproductor Mejorante'**

His bloodline is exceptional, he has talent for dressage.

His character is very good; he is very kind with people and with horses and mares and also he is fun to ride. Is easy to ride and soft in the hand. He has not problem with doble bridle or with a simple snaffle.

He does walk, trot, nice extended trot, laterals, walk and canter pirouettes, flying changes in tempis (4, 3 and training 2 and ones) and piaffe. 

                                      **HE HAS CLEAN X-RAYS AVAILABLE**


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